New-build house on a constrained site in a south London conservation area

The design and orientation is in part driven by the established mews typology, combined with the desire to capitalise upon views across the spacious verdant setting afforded to the rear

The proposals use a mixture of reclaimed stock brick and copper alloy cladding to compliment the tones of stock brick and painted brickwork prevalent in the area

Despite the compact size, the design creates a sense of openness and interaction with the outside, with the metal cladding wrapping into the building via a central lightwell, based on the spatial ambiguity of a Klein bottle

Works are currently underway with completion expected in October 2018

Client: Private

Stage: Construction

Contract value: Confidential

Contractor: Brown Building Ltd

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers

Approved Inspector: Approved Design Ltd

CDM Advisor: Baily Garner

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